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Welcome to our Sustainability Kit

Sustainability is integral to responsible packaging development today. However, thanks to the whirlwind pace of innovation, and the number of complicated claims made in the name of being “green”, we know the sourcing process can be overwhelming. This is why we’ve created a comprehensive resource of sustainable materials from sources we trust. Environmentally-friendly products are Burt’s lifeblood, beginning with the 90+% PCR board that makes up the core of every rigid box. We love to research, support, and manufacture the very best.


What’s in my kit?

The materials in this kit have come from suppliers who are honest in their environmental claims, and truly committed to lowering their environmental impact. Although the world of sustainability is ever-changing, we bring respectful skepticism to our research, and promise absolute transparency in our information. Click on the sections below to learn about the items in your kit!


What’s my kit made of?

Here at Burt, we like to lead by example. That’s why every material used to make this physical kit - the chipboard, wrap, and dividers - is composed of 100% recycled fibers. Since there is only minimal foil stamping, and our bio-based glue doesn’t contaminate recycling streams, this entire kit is fully recyclable. It’s our goal to prove that you don’t need to choose between sustainability and luxury


How can I get a kit?

If you would like to receive a physical kit to see the samples for yourself, please contact Burt’s project management team here to schedule a shipment. Please reference the sustainability kit in your message.