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Responsible, Sustainable, Renewable


The Environment is Not a Trend

Burt Rigid Box is invested in sustainability. We believe it’s time to work actively to affect change and promote earth-friendly decisions on the corporate level. The word “sustainable" encompasses a huge cross-section of materials, practices, production processes, and capital decisions, all with many nuances, trade-offs, and evolving potential. In this complex environment, we seek not only to drive the “best” sustainable manufacturing solutions available, but also to understand, and to act as a resource to our customers and partners on environmentally-friendly decision-making. This is an ongoing journey, we have much to learn, and we love to discover hand-in-hand with our clients, suppliers, and peers.


A Leader in Sustainability


Materials for the Future

Burt Rigid sources FSC Certified paper goods, and our rigid paperboard is an affordable, luxurious way to address consumer demand for sustainability in product packaging. We help clients choose solutions that will demonstrate corporate responsibility with an eye on the future health of our planet. Please inquire about the materials we prefer to work with, including plastic-free paper stocks, water-based inks, pulp and other tray options, bio-based “poly” bags, and more.


Local, Thorough

Burt Rigid chooses suppliers located as close as possible to our plant, and our domestic- manufactured products travel only hundreds of miles, not thousands, to reach your door. We installed energy-efficient LED lighting throughout our manufacturing area, resulting in reduced energy consumption of 50% compared to traditional lights. And we bale and return scrap board and paper to our supplier in a closed-loop recycling program that feeds our plant with recycled materials.


Consumers Care

Today’s consumer is looking to make more responsible buying decisions, and that includes purchasing products from companies that emphasize the importance of environmentally responsible packaging. Asia Pulp & Paper’s “2017 Paper & Packaging Consumer Trends Report” states that nearly one third of consumers agree that they’re more likely to buy a brand that offers sustainable packaging options, while 30% of millennials are willing to pay an astonishing 30% more for sustainably-packaged products.


Certifications & Memberships


EcoVadis Silver

Burt Rigid Box is proud to be Silver Medal-certified by EcoVadis, the global leader for corporate sustainability standards. This certification, held since 2019, represents the strong commitment we have towards environmental, ethical, and social performance as well as sustainable procurement. Burt is dedicated to improving ourselves and our world, and supporting our customers while they do the same.  See our sustainability page for more details on material sourcing.


FSC ® Certified

Burt Rigid is proud to be Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council ®. That means we can source materials that grow in regulated forests, so we know where every sheet of paper and board originate, and can guarantee that there will be a new crop of trees planted to replace what we use. Paper is a sustainable resource, and certifications like FSC ® give clients the peace of mind to know they’re buying an ecologically-friendly product.


AIB Food Certified

Even if Burt Rigid didn’t have a lot of customers in the food and beverage areas, we would be dedicated to cleanliness in our plant. But because we do make packaging for confectionary treats, liquor, and other edibles, we earned our certification in 2016 from the American Institute of Baking, a rigorous audit body measuring manufacturing safety and cleanliness. Our process and our boxes are certified for indirect food contact, so we’re very proud of the standards we maintain to excel in our annual audits.


Chamber of Commerce Members

Burt Rigid is a proud and active member of the Otsego County Chamber of Commerce. We believe in our community, and in collaborating with our neighbors to improve ourselves and our area.


Paperboard Packaging Council Leaders

Burt Rigid is also a member of the Paperboard Packaging Council, the voice of our industry. Our President Laura Brodie sits on PPC’s Executive Committee, and we learn and grow by sharing knowledge and best practices with our peers around the country.