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Cutting-Edge Production Innovation

Burt Rigid Box is equipped with the imagination and know-how to take your product line to the next level. Because of our breadth and depth of experience and advanced production capabilities, Burt Rigid has the capacity to adapt, test, and build or rebuild machinery for certain recurring clients. In fact, we are widely known in the industry for our ability to overcome hurdles and fulfill difficult customer requests.


Rectangular and Square Gift Sets

Burt Rigid makes standard-setting rectangular gift sets. Bases, lids, and trays (board, foam, vacuum form, etc.) are our bread and butter.

Custom Round and Oval Boxes

Burt Rigid makes round and oval boxes in upstate New York. We designed, patented, and built our own equipment back in the 1930s, allowing us to automatically manufacture what others make by hand. Our rounds range from 2” across to 12”, and while we don’t do rolled edges, we can offer many sizes and options. Call for more details on our capabilities and on-hand tooling sizes.


Scalloped and Swooped Edges

Boxes with scalloped and swooped edges are run automatically at Burt Rigid, offering a stand-out design option for any product while sticking within a traditional rectangular footprint for an efficient fit on-shelf and in transit.

Powder Drums and Sifter Rings

Burt Rigid makes paper drums for cosmetic use, complete with threads to fit cover and base tightly together. Mesh sifter rings are also made domestically, creating a perfect set for loose face powder packaging.


Small Quick-Running Boxes

Burt Rigid also designed, built, and patented special equipment called auto-full tight wrap machines that makes small, jewelry-sized boxes in large quantities without stay tape. Ask us about order minimums and available dimensions.

Padded Boxes and Slipcases

To give the ultimate impression of luxury while staying within budget, Burt Rigid can automatically apply foam to the surface of a rigid box to create a padded effect. Apply it under a leather-like wrap to create a package fit for the finest library, or put it under pink, and evoke a child’s music box or treasure chest.


Thermoformed, Foam, and Die-cut Board Inserts

Burt Rigid is an expert in trays that hold your products securely and beautifully. We will work with you to design and manufacture the best inserts for your desired look, price point, and environmental focus. Our proprietary equipment automatically applies masks to vacuum form trays with full glue coverage for maximum hold. Alternatively, we can auto-collate and insert board or SBS platforms to minimize environmental impact.

Ballotin Boxes

Burt Rigid makes boxes with angled vertical sides, offering a unique architectural design impression that allows a stack of bases to nest for easy shipment. These boxes are perfect for chocolate, but why not use them for fragrance, too?


Hinged and Magnetized Boxes

For a truly upscale experience, a snap magnetic closure can’t be beat. Burt Rigid automatically inserts magnets deep into the board of our boxes so they blend into the natural lines of the package, and create paneled frameworks with wraparound closures. Hinged boxes have to be made correctly to offer full functionality and quality, and Burt Rigid knows the tricks.

Leaf Stamping & Embossing

Burt Rigid specializes in detail leaf-stamping and embossing techniques, emphasizing both modern and classic fonts, logos, imagery, and details in foil or texture. Everything from a single logo to cold foil is available to offer the widest breadth of decorative options available.


Fulfilling & Shrink-wrapping

Save time, money, and carbon credits by letting us place your products into our boxes. Burt Rigid provides complete fulfillment and packout services for all projects. Fulfillment is completed in line for maximum efficiency and one-touch handling of boxes, with custom labeling, shrink-wrapping, julian-dating and more.


Overseas Sourcing Capabilities

In addition to extensive domestic capabilities, Burt Rigid maintains overseas relationships to source highly labor-intensive packaging or unusual shapes at competitive prices. Like the rest of our supply network, our overseas partners are thoroughly vetted, visited, and limited in number to insure the highest quality and transparency. When we quote a project overseas, we ask first, and then do all development and sample making with the chosen vendor so there are no surprises. Our vendors are ISO 9001, 15001, print in-house for maximum control, and are required to pass difficult social responsibility audits.