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Creative, Knowledgeable, Experienced


Experience is Earned

At Burt Rigid Box, we understand that the power of your brand relies not only on the quality of your products, but also the way in which your customer responds to them. After more than 130 years of manufacturing for some of the world’s most successful companies, we have earned a reputation for capturing the unique personality of each brand we represent in a way that deepens the customer connection.

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Established Process, Exceptional Results


Leading the Way

Clients choose to work with us because they want a packaging partner that is agile, helpful, honest, great at communicating, and wholly committed to project success. Through a shared understanding of your business objectives, design goals, and brand personality, we work with you to deliver results that exceed your expectations.


Offering More

When it comes to delivering choice, Burt Rigid is in a class by itself. We’ve designed and built the proprietary equipment that makes round and oval boxes in shapes and sizes unique to the U.S. market. We offer the largest automated rectangular box available: up to 13” deep. And would you like sharp edges like those iconic cell phone boxes? We skive board in-house to make boxes as edgy as your clientele.


Always Innovating

Burt Rigid is widely known for its unmatched capabilities in fulfilling unique, challenging, or difficult customer requests. Our production team is a creative bunch that loves to adapt, test, and build or rebuild machinery for recurring clients. What’s more, we offer product fulfillment and shrink-wrapping in-line to maximize supply chain efficiency.