Burt Rigid Box, Inc. is an all-American company dedicated to supporting the local community and preserving the beautiful environment of upstate New York. We want to help you preserve and protect your neighborhood too. Together we can make the world greener.

Did you know that virtually all virgin paperboard consumed in the United States today originates from certified tree farms? Trees are planted, harvested, and replanted as a crop to be used in packaging, paper, and other consumables. For every tree harvested from a managed tree farm, five more are planted, adding 1.7 million trees a day! (AF&

All our products are made from environmentally-friendly, recyclable paperboard. At your request, Burt can use conventional inks and paperboard already made from up-to 100% recycled content. A renewable resource, paperboard is also biodegradable, so your product won’t leave a permanent scar on the planet.

We use glues made exclusively from synthetic materials, never animals.

Burt recycles its industrial waste, sending it back to the manufacturer to become new board and paper.

Looking for packaging that will last beyond one use? Due to their durability and beauty, consumers often treat rigid boxes as keepsakes and use them for decorative storage, meaning your brand never enters the waste stream at all.