We are excited to announce our future with Pusterla 1880 and Taylor Box
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This bag is made from 40% PCR and is fully recyclable at end of life. PCR stands for post-consumer recycled material, meaning the material being reused has been through the consumer waste stream.

This bag is made from 90% PIR, and is fully recyclable. PIR stands for post-industrial recycled material, or is sometimes called preconsumer recycled material. The difference between PCR and PIR is that PIR takes scrap from the raw material machining process and re-makes material from it, instead of taking it from the consumer waste stream. Higher percentages of PIR are possible with less risk of imperfections because the waste being repurposed has not been in the consumer waste stream where contamination can creep into the lifecycle. This bag can also be about 5-10% cheaper than PO1 depending on size.

Note: Unless otherwise stated in your area, plastic bags cannot be recycled through curbside recycling programs. This bag should be brought to a local grocery retailer or other drop off location for proper recycling.