Burt Customers Lauded for Iconic Rigid Boxes in Brand Packaging Magazine: "Loyalty, Luxury, and Limited Editions: The Resilient Rigid Box"

March 2014 — "As an ideal vessel for merchandizing luxury items, rigid boxes have secured their place in the upscale market. Because they allow for extensive customization, can incorporate details like ribbons and magnets, and are strong enough to support heavy products, rigid boxes are generally used to protect small luxury goods such as cosmetics, jewelry, couture and personal electronics, as well as limited-edition items such as film, book and music collections, and top-shelf liquor.

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Burt Creation featured in Package Design Magazine: "Two Icons, One Bottle"

August 13, 2013 by Danielle Beurteaux

Frank Sinatra always had a bottle of Jack Daniel’s on hand—in his dressing room, on his plane and at home. The legendary singer become such a fan of the whiskey that he created the “Jack Daniel’s Country Club” for a few close friends, and even went so far as to have a crest designed.

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Shorewood Packaging and Burt Rigid Box, Inc. Form Manufacturing Alliance

ONEONTA, New York -- November 22, 2010 -- Shorewood Packaging, a business of International Paper, and Burt Rigid Box, Inc., are pleased to announce that they have joined forces in rigid box production. Under their agreement, Burt Rigid Box will manufacture rigid boxes for Shorewood Packaging’s customers at its Oneonta, N.Y., facility, while Shorewood’s sales and creative teams will continue to provide exceptional service to their clients.

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Burt's Box of the Year: Stephanie Meyer's 4-book "Twilight" Slipcase

December 2009 - This holiday season, readers around the world will devour author Stephanie Meyer's hit fiction series, Twilight. The hugely-successful vampire books have generated millions of swooning fans, a cottage industry of vampire-related items, and a movie franchise (Breaking Dawn, the second film in the series, was released on November 20th).

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