Burt's Box of the Year: Stephanie Meyer's 4-book "Twilight" Slipcase

December 2009 - This holiday season, readers around the world will devour author Stephanie Meyer's hit fiction series, Twilight. The hugely-successful vampire books have generated millions of swooning fans, a cottage industry of vampire-related items, and a movie franchise (Breaking Dawn, the second film in the series, was released on November 20th).

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Burt's Box of the Moment: Vintage Remake for the Basketball Hall of Fame

Sometimes, creative teamwork is all that's needed to get to the Hall of Fame. This newsletter, Burt's Box of the Moment is an easel-style box covered and lined in luxurious black-nubba paper and leaf-stamped with gold foil. Based on a vintage Burt design, the box was created specially for the Basketball Hall of Fame's annual induction ceremony September 12th, 2009, featuring inductees Michael Jordan, David Robinson, Jerry Sloan, John Stockton, Harriet Stringer, and others. The Ceremony also marked the Hall's 50th Anniversary.

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Taking a Secondary Look: Cartons & Boxes Companies are trending toward greener, more ornate alternatives

Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor

Secondary packaging in the form of cartons and boxes often provides consumers with their first impression of a product or brand. In the beauty, personal care and fragrance segment, the spotlight on boxes is even brighter as companies look to make the most of the medium to generate the biggest buzz on‐shelf and at department store counters.

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Paperboard Packaging Council Welcomes Burt Rigid Box, Inc. Oneonta, N.Y. - Based Company Joins PPC as a Principal Member

Burt Rigid Box, Inc. of Oneonta, N.Y., has joined the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) as a principal member.

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