Beginning with creative design and sample making, our experienced employees guide clients from concept to distribution with friendly and efficient service. We make luxury rigid packaging in the following styles:

  • Round Boxes
  • Oval Boxes
  • Rectangular Boxes
  • Slipcases
  • Sifter Screens
  • Powder Drums
  • Knockdown Bases and Lids
  • Paneled and Hinged Boxes with magnetic closure
  • Ballotin Boxes
  • Drawer Boxes
  • Rigid or SBS Sleeves
joe malone


- Unusual design elements like scalloped or swooped box sides, padding, and sharp edges are our specialty.

- Our equipment makes the largest automated box available- up to 13” deep!

- We’re experts at leaf stamping and embossing, finishing techniques that give our luxury packaging eye-catching oomph.

- Rigid box inserts include die-cut board trays, vacuum-formed styrene, PVC, and flocked trays, fabric, cotton, and foam.

- Design elements like windows, dustlids, labels, thumbholes, cords, and drawer pulls make your custom box unique and functional.

- Product fullfillment and shrinkwrapping is done in-line to maximize supply chain efficiency.